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The Mind Solution Podcast

Nov 3, 2022

In this podcast we were honoured to be joined by Nebel Crowhurst, 6th most influential HR professional 2022 in the UK as voted for by HR magazine.

Nebel shares with us her passion around the subject of Diversity and Inclusion and creating a feeling of belonging in employees.

Tune in as we unpack....

  • What Nebel has done to enable her to be recognised as the 6th most influential HR Practitioner
  • Why having a voice, being able to show up, be your true authentic self creates such a sense of belonging in employees
  • What organisations need to do which enable people to feel safe to be authentic
  • The power of sharing stories of lived experiences
  • How organisations need to be vulnerable when it comes to employee feedback
  • How to use employee engagement feedback and data to create a stronger, happier and diverse workforce
  • How to use reverse mentoring to educate leaders about diversity and inclusion
  • The importance of EQ in leaders in embodying Diversity & Inclusion
  • How to create lived values and not the ones that simply get stuck on the wall!
  • Where to start when it comes to creating an effective D&I strategy

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