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The Mind Solution Podcast

Nov 16, 2022

In this episode Jamie Smart, Sunday Times best-selling author of the book Clarity and Results, Key note speaker and founder of the Clarity Certification programme shares how Clarity creates incredible organisational results, increases sales and revenue, has a profound impact on leadership and employee wellbeing.

Tune in as we explore...

- What Clarity is

- How Clarity is the missing piece of the jigsaw puzzle to creating organisational success

- The profound impact Clarity has on business leaders

- The impact of learning to listen well to your people and customers

- How understanding the Principles behind Clarity enables your employees to experience innate wellbeing, peace of mind and resilience

- The big outside-in misunderstanding

- How wellbeing and resilience is something which already exists within each of us

- Why Clarity is not another 'technique' but our natural innate state of mind

- Subtractive psychology - what happens when you think less!

- How teaching organisational leaders the Principles behind Clarity leads to a significant increase in sales, revenue, performance and employee engagement

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